Lean Angle Product Information

Designed to eliminate the use of colored duct tape in the standardization process of 5S, the West Michigan Molding Lean Angle is a cost effective way to obtain durable standardization. Molded from resilient xenoy plastic, the lean angle is reusable and can be purchased in any of the 5S solid colors pictured below.

Lean Angle Colors

Lean Angles may be purchased pre-taped with a two sided industrial tape, or as an angle alone. They are reusable as many times as needed. Pictured below is a pre-taped lean angle.

pre-taped lean angle

Lean Angles withstand forklift traffic and pallet scuffing. The following picture demonstrates how lean angles standardize a work station.

Workstation Standardization

Lean Angle Dimensions

Lean Angle Dimensions

Where to buy Lean Angles
Lean Supermarket
5106 South 194th Street
Omaha, NE 68135
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